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No matter your age, you will enjoy your life best if you have great health.

Be brutally honest with yourself: are you really healthy enough to do and enjoy all life has to offer? Think about how different things would be for you if your health were just a little better, or A LOT BETTER!

At Body Focus, our life changing nutrition work starts with thorough blood testing that gives us a critical understanding of your total system. We will identify areas where problems exist or may be just beginning. With that information, you will have choices about your future health and will learn what’s needed to reach optimal wellness in your individual case.

What does this thorough lab workup really tell us?

  • Your accurate state of health (feeling fine does not mean you are fine)
  • Health issues brewing that have yet to be discovered
  • What illnesses you currently have
  • Changes needed in your eating and life habits for improvement to occur
  • Actually knowing if those vitamins you take are working

Here’s how it works: When you schedule your initial consultation, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete on line. At the completion of your consult, we’ll determine which blood tests and other diagnostics are needed to do a thorough analysis of your health. Once the lab test results are received, we prepare a very detailed yet easy to read report that explains all the findings. We will go over this with you. The report also incorporates the recommendations for diet, nutrients, and exercise according to your specific needs.

Did you know?

The US leads the developed world in health care spending, by a landslide. Yet we have among the worst health as a population among all those nations. It’s gotten so bad that our young children now have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. With all the research and spending, rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and others are not improving. With few exceptions, our risk of most cancers is higher today than ever. It’s time to advocate for ourselves. The testing we administer is far more comprehensive than any average doctor will run. There is so much research proving that most illness can be prevented and furthermore, that most established illnesses respond amazingly well to non-toxic and non-drug treatments. The key: using science as the guide. We have all taken one vitamin or another to help with something, and maybe it even worked! But to address the function of our skin, kidneys, liver, immune system, etc. takes evaluating the raw numbers.

Should we just pound vitamin C and hope for or expect the best? Ah, we know that vitamin D is the real magic nutrient today don’t we? Well, it certainly is vital (origin of the word vitamin) but our whole being needs care and that is not the way. Did your best friend who searches the internet for health advice suggest that you take CoQ10? That’s great but what is the basis and where is the science? The point is that without objective data, we become the dog chasing its tail. That means we actually get nowhere while spending dollar after dollar and might cause actual harm as well. Our approach is to test appropriately, and then put a plan in place to bring change. Depending on many factors, we then retest after two to six months and look for great results.

If you wish to make an appointment or inquire about fees, please contact our office. We would be honored to help you.

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Since Dr. Meyer began treating me, my back pain has been reduced, and my overall well-being has improved. He communicates clearly, answers questions and is a great listener. His staff reflects his friendliness, commitment to excellence, and effectiveness. I trust my body with Body Focus.

Anders W.
San Francisco, CA

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