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Heavy Metals In You?

Posted on 03-21-2017

It’s easy to say that pollution is bad for us but understanding a little more will allow us to see how we are affected by these particles in our environment. Let’s take environment to mean...

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Anti Aging

Posted on 03-14-2017

There are so many factors that contribute to how quickly or slowly we age. We know that more people than ever are afflicted with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and the long list of other chronic deg...

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Back Pain: Dealing With It & Preventing It

Posted on 03-07-2017

If there is one condition that people connect with seeking a chiropractor, it’s certainly back pain. For my first few years in practice I would estimate 75% of my patients had this as their prim...

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Since Dr. Meyer began treating me, my back pain has been reduced, and my overall well-being has improved. He communicates clearly, answers questions and is a great listener. His staff reflects his friendliness, commitment to excellence, and effectiveness. I trust my body with Body Focus.

Anders W.
San Francisco, CA

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